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Tips to consider when choosing your font.  In a verbal conversation, the words you say or only a fraction of the message you send.  Likewise, when creating a sign, the way you choose to display the message changes the message you're sending.  Please consider the following when making your decision:


  1.  SIZE MATTERS!  To really see and read any lettering on a wood sign at 10 feet away, the minimum size of the letters should be 1 inch.  Thinner letters can be smaller, but as you add thickness (bold vs. regular) to the letters, height should increase as well.
  2. We do not charge per letter.  Say as much as you want, but succinct is best.  Choose your words carefully.  Naturally, if you choose to use a lot of words, they will require a larger sign.  An overcrowded sign just looks bad.  We'll make it, but you won't love it.
  3. Finding the name of the font you want is very helpful.  Please see a few options below.  However, if you can use descriptive words for the genre you're looking for such as make it rustic, or like a child's handwriting, script, comical, western, we can usually find something.
  4. We are happy to choose a font and a font size for you.  We've been doing this for years and years and with direction from you, we can find something you'll like.
  5. Simple lettering shows up better.  When you get fancy on your lettering, it makes it harder to read.  Should you choose that, we would recommend a larger size font to accompany the fancy lettering, which will in turn often require a larger sign.
  6. While using 1 font or multiple fonts, we can adjust letters to be smaller, taller, thicker, or thinner than others, as well as curve, set an angle, invert, shadow, underline, etc.
  7. The color of your font makes a big difference!  A dark wood needs lighter lettering, and light woods do better with dark lettering.  It's the contrast that provides the visibility.
  8. If your sign needs to visible in an outdoor, night time setting, we strongly encourage a reflective coating that can be added to the lettering.  It only works on white paint, and there is a small additional charge.  The coating is identical to what cities use to make the words and lines painted on streets visible to drivers, giving the markings a reflective sparkle.