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Our Newest Signs

Thomas's First Christmas Tree
I just love my customers that turn into FRIENDS too! This customer told me, :) "Tom, my daughter was so impressed with your work (as was everyone else) she named her third born after you!! Thomas was born in February and I have been thinking of you since." Here is their new sign for Thomas and they have another one coming in April. Let me help make your memories for Christmas too!


Oz Web Farms
This sign for Oz Web Farms really showcases our attention to detail, and how painting enhances the 3D effects in our wood carvings!


Fox Creek Sign Project
I worked with my friends at Impressive Sign and Graphics to complete this project. I carved the letters out of PVC and they hand carved the stones out of sign foam. I think it is a beautiful look and low maintenance. No matter the job we can help you do it. 



November 2016 Showcase

Experimenting With Typography
In signage, typography often provides that at-a-glance first impression that people gauge and judge the rest of the design by — so your font choices need to be purposeful and appropriate.

Choose the right font.


Carla's Garden
"I grow plants for many reasons: to please my eye or to please my soul, to challenge the elements or to challenge my patience, for novelty or for nostalgia, but mostly for the joy in seeing them grow." — David Hobson

All signs have meaning. 



Rattlesnake Wind Energy Center
It is so important to find a sign company that understands what it takes to make a clean, legible, professional business sign. Here is a wonderful example of how two contrasting colors and a great font enables visitors to easily read the address.



October 2016 Showcase 

Four Horseman Brewery
I just sold my first tap handles to Four Horseman Brewery! These are carved in maple by my friend Stan and he engraved them double sided with his laser. If you need a new handle for your latest brew we can hook you up!


Long Time Sun
The below photo shows you what the customer sent me and this is the finished sign carved in cedar. It is 24" x21".. The customer said " Hi Tom; That looks amazing! You've done an incredible job on this, it looks like a work of art! Thanks again for everything, I will definitely give you an outstanding review! Gabe. Let me make you a unique carving too. 


Wedding Gifts - A Custom Moment

Congratulations to Nolan & Tamara! They were ecstatic with their unique card box and cake stand for their wedding! "Good afternoon Tom, just wanted to say thank you so much for such beautiful and amazing work on the cake stand and card box. People couldn't stop complimenting on how gorgeous they looked." One of a kind wedding gifts.


September 2016 Showcase

Gardening Signs
This is a sign I just completed that measures 18" X 24" X 1.5" carved in cedar. The customer also purchased the bracket from me to make the purchase complete. Let me create you a sign for your garden that fits your unique style too.


Five Vines Wine Bar
These are three double sided signs I made for Five Vines Wine Bar. Now this business knows how to market with their signage and weekly posts! No matter how good your product or service is, if your sign does not make people stop and shop, you will not be able to compete. In our highly competitive and media-rich world, an investment in professional sign design is worthwhile. Let me make that sign for you too! 



August 2016 Showcase

The Postoyit's - 125 Vaughn
Reflections under a sunset! There are many ways to design a unique wooden sign as a gift, for your business, or for a special occasion. Let us help you design it!


Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake 
"My thoughts and opinions on the sign.... WOW! I think that about sums it up!!! I have had the sign for a few days,, however, we are fostering a VERY active two year old and I wanted to wait until i was alone so I could open it and truly appreciate the sign.. Initially, I will admit I was concerned about spending that much money on something I wouldn't have the chance of seeing until I have already spent the money.. But my fears were put to bed as I opened the box and started unpacking.... I am truly blown away by the finished product!!! It looks amazing!! I will piece together a video review and post it on my youtube page and send you a link when it's finished if you would like to watch it? I will also incorporate the photos you sent along as well!! Thanks for including them it will make the review that much nicer!!

Thanks again Tom! I will certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to know where i acquired such an awesome sign!!!"



Bradley's Painting

While contrast is an important part of any design project, it is especially important when you only have a couple of seconds to catch someones attention. Every focal point needs to be clearly distinguishable.










How do you like this unique coloring of this carving? The customer purchased this to help sell his home. He is hoping it will make to lookers into buyers. It is carved in western red cedar and measures 30" X 55" x 1.5". The second picture shows the carving before it was painted. Give me your unique idea and I will make you a carving that will turn heads.




July 2016 Showcase

Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candies
A wonderful sign for Toe-Rific Chocolates & Candies! I am very happy with this project and shout out to another great customer!

Bear Creek #1 Griz's Rest
I finished this just in time for my customer's wife's birthday! It measures 18X9" carved in cedar. 

Crowley & Co. 
A new sign for Crowley & Co.! Shout out to a company that specializes in creating interactive meetings through the use of graphic facilitation and graphic recording!

Samoa Key
This is a "Samoa Key" I carved in mahogany for my customer that was given to her daughter on her 21st birthday. She said, "she loved every detailed of our tribal designs, her pit bull, turtle, bible scripture, her name, and a spot for her picture. The design was created for me by my friend Stan Vince. Let me create that unique design for your celebration too!



Signs In Wood.com Specialty Sign 
This is a day and night time picture of my new business sign that will be by the street. It was designed for me to carve by Pierre-Luc Arseneau. We gave it the hand-carved look to make it really unique. It has reflective beads to be seen at night. This shows what can be done with these amazing cnc machines.

June 2016 Showcase

Harpoon Hann's - Restaurant 
Harpoon Hanna's now has great new signs! Very happy with this project and how it turned out! Engaging signage is the key to attracting new customers to your restaurant or eatery. 

The Vances - Specialized Scripting 
Wood scripting at its best! The corner designs make this piece an heirloom for the Vances. Couldn't be happier with this piece!

Weatherwood - Illuminated Signage 
An illuminated sign will be your business�s most effective calling card! You can really see the dimensions, depth, and detail within the Weatherwood sign at night.

May 2016 Showcase

Badges - Retirement Gift
These are 2-D mahogany badges created from my customer's photo and will be retirement gifts. They are 15 inches tall. Give me your idea and I can create it for you.


Purple Pastures - Mother's Day
Here is a cedar carving finished just in time for my customer to give for Mothers Day! It measures 24x36 inches.


Nancy's Quilting Studio 
Embroidery and quilting enthusiasts have loved the crafty sign for Nancy's Sewing room. Wouldn�t it be wonderful to add this to your sewing room? Also makes a wonderful gift for any crafty person you know.


Beach Nest - A Retreat to the Beach! 
Here is a sign for a couple's retirement beach house. It measures 5 inches tall and 24 inches wide. I really like the unique font she picked out but it was a challenge to paint.


Street Signs that Shine 
This is a cedar sign that measures 9 inches tall and 54 inches wide with reflective beads on the white for easy viewing at night. I think it will make a great new street sign. 

March 2016 Showcase

Kellihodges Photography - Tacoma Washington
With this hanging sign I went with a style that will not only welcome their clients at the storefront, but also showcases their logo with quality, charm, and local appeal.

Washington's Wild Sheep Foundation
With any organization there are many ways to incorporate the quality of wooden signs. Customers and members create their first impressions as soon as they walk-in, and it is crucial to showcase quality, professionalism, and your vision.

Palmetto Florida City's Chamber of Commerce
Well now you have the chance to see this magnificent sign hanging in their city's commission chamber!

We produce many of these large signs for community locations, and are always interested in showcasing to the public to support the city's local atmosphere.

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