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Signs In Wood offer you choices of durable wood to meet your signage needs.


Western Red Cedar has been the choice for centuries for builders and artisans. It is well known for its natural beauty and durability.

Cedar for outdoor use has been utilized for everything from Texas fence posts to Totem Poles in the Northwest which are up to 200 years old. It has natural protection from mold, mildew and decay and is an ideal choice for both interior and exterior signs. It has great stability and it is a durable and attractive wood. Native Americans named the Western Red Cedar the Tree of Life.

We are well versed in the types of wood available for sign making. As Master Craftsmen, our choice is primarily the Western Red Cedar. No two pieces of the wood are the same as they are cut from a living tree. Carving enhances the wonderful wood grain of each piece of wood. It is also considered the best softwood for stain and paint finishes, allowing a range of effects on the finished product.

We also utilize Knotty Pine for homes with country accents, a rustic or Western theme. The wood is very distinct because of its large knots, or defects, which make striking patterns in custom carved wood signs.

We purchase only the most stable lumber possible. We choose Number One Grade, Kiln Dried Vertical Grain, Western Red Cedar or Knotty Pine. This material moves as little as possible, as it has been well dried and kept in the best storage facilities to maintain the stability (lack of moisture).

Wester Red CedarKnotty Pine